Animal & Equine

Why study Animal and Equine?

Animal and equine businesses make a whopping 1 billion pounds per year for the UK. Jobs in the animal and equine industry are very varied, ranging from the hands on husbandry roles to the more scientific based careers. The Animal industry alone boasts 78,000 employees, with an additional 41,200 working specifically in equine related jobs.

Here at Salford City College, you can start your career with animals by taking one of the following courses:

  • City and Guilds Animal Care or Management – Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced levels available Eccles Centre.
  • City and Guilds Horse Care or Management – Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced levels available at Ryders Farm Equestrian Centre, Kearsley and Eccles Centre.
  • ABC Veterinary Nursing – Intermediate level (advanced level from 2018) offered at the Eccles Centre
  • BTEC HNC in Animal Management – Level 4 offered at the Eccles Centre

We have a 100% pass rate for all of our vocational courses.

College Facilities:

  • The brand new Animal Management Centre at the Eccles Centre offers outstanding facilities including a farm and zoo zone, outdoor small mammal enclosures, wildfowl area, a natural British wildlife enclosure with hedgehog rehabilitation facilities. Inside the centre there is a large aquarium, nocturnal room, invertebrate collection, a well stocked exotic collection and a small mammal room.
  • In addition to the substantial animal collections, the department also has 3 science labs, a microbiology lab and a brand new veterinary nursing suite which have all been created to industry standards

Ryders Farm Equestrian Centre:

  • The centre has over 50 horses and ponies of different types, levels and training.
  •  A large indoor arena with two additional outdoor arenas and a lunging pen
  • Horse walker and equine weigh bridge
  • Ryders Farm is an approved ‘Where to Train Centre’ by the British Horse Society and is also an accredited BHS examination centre.
  • All staff are fully qualified teachers and also hold BHSAI or above instructor qualifications
  • Learns also have the opportunity to undertake work experience and study in out partner college in rural France

The Experience

In additional to the hands on experience students will gain the Animal Centre or on the yard, students will have the opportunity to take part in a number of trips and activities including visits to different farms, zoos and other animal collections, attending the Horse of the Year Show, playing Polo at White Rose Polo Club, visits to universities and conferences and visits to country fairs and pet competitions. Equine students will have the opportunity to undertake 2 weeks funded work experience and study abroad and the animal students are invited to the annual residential in the Lake District. The Animal Society also hold various events including Careers and Skills Building evenings.


Popular career aspirations include:

  • Various roles with animal charities such as the RSPCA and Guide Dogs
  • Animal and Equine husbandry roles
  • Veterinary nursing
  • Animal collections management
  • Wildlife rehabilitation
  • Laboratory work and research in the Animal Health field

The vast majority of students continue with their studies at university in different courses such as Animal or Equine Science and Management, Animal Physiotherapy, Teaching, Biological Sciences, Marine Biology and Zoology.

  • Small exotic mammals
    • Asian Palm Civet
    • African Large Spotted Genet
    • Striped Skunk
    • Ferret
  • Paddocks
    • Llama
    • Alpaca
    • Sheep
    • Goats
    • Donkey
  • Rabbit Yard
    • Rabbits
    • Guinea pigs
  • Exotic Room
    • Blue tongued skunk
    • Bearded dragon
    • Yemen chameleon
    • Cuban false chameleon anole
    • Tortoise
    • Turtles
    • Milk snake
    • Hognose snake
    • Carpet python
    • Royal python
    • Corn snake
  • Pond
    • Ducks
  • Chicken Coops
    • Chickens
  • Aquatics Room
    • Mixed cold water fish
    • Mixed tropical fish
    • Crabs
    • Lobsters
  • Mammal Room
    • Chinchillas
    • Rats
    • Mice
    • Hamsters
  • Invertebrate/Amphibian Room
    • Salamanders – coming soon
    • Newts – coming soon
    • Tarantula
    • Millipedes
    • Hermit crabs
    • Giant African land snails
    • Cockroaches
    • Stick insects – coming soon
    • Red eyed tree frogs  – coming soon
    • Bumblebee poison arrow frogs  – coming soon
  • Nocturnal Room
    • Tenrec
    • African pygmy hedgehog
    • Leopard gecko
    • Crested gecko

More species coming soon!