Access to Professions in Computing & Information Technology

Access courses are equivalent to three A-Levels. The course lasts for one year and on completion students typically go directly on to a HE course.


You will study core principles of computing such as programming and database design, plus explore maths for computing and commercial
aspects of ICT.

Computing units:
• Computer Systems Architecture
• ICT Systems Life Cycle
• Database Principles and Design
• Principles of Computer Programming
• Networks and Communication Protocols
• Structured Programming
• Event Driven Programming

Maths for Computing units:
• Integration
• Algorithms, Pseudocode and Trace Tables
• Computer Logic
• Number Systems and Data Representation
• Series and Partial Fractions

Commercial Aspects of Computing units:
• Communities and Sharing on the World Wide Web
• Website Design and Development
• Developing Spreadsheet Applications

In addition to the above units, you will also study a number of core skills units which will enable you to develop the academic skills necessary for studying on the Access to HE course and beyond.


This pathway is designed for progression onto programmes with a focus on computer science, computer networks, systems development and web development.


In order to achieve this qualification you must achieve 60 Level 3 credits in a number of modules. You will be continually assessed via a range of methods which include producing essays, presentations and timed assessments.


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Wednesday, Thursday Friday


09:00 - 16:30


Avaliable at: University Centre


Course: £3,928.00