Salford photography teacher is snapped up by Redeye

4 December 2017

Cath Stanley, Pendleton Sixth Form College Photography Teacher from Salford, is shortlisted by Redeye, a non-profit photography network who support photographers at entry level.

Cath has been shortlisted for their exclusive and intensive 12-month course, Lightbox. Lightbox launches the careers of professional photographers, but, only those with the highest standard of photography and a desire to experiment and push their practice further, are considered for the programme.

When introducing their latest talent, Redeye have described Cath in the following way:

“Cath Stanley is a full-time photography teacher who is enthusiastic about the creative design process in any form. She is inspired by new tools, technology and alternative ways of working. Cath’s personal work currently documents her family and the traces they leave behind on the landscape; captured through a method of light painting and objects collected from her son’s adventures. These include twigs, leaves, petals, grass and rocks, to animate unique experiences and her close family bond.”

Cath said: “I love exploring new ideas and processes and then bringing them back into the classroom to deliver to the students. It’s genuinely really important to me that students see that there are exciting opportunities available in photography.”

BTEC Photography student, Owen Bennett said about his teacher’s accomplishment: “To have a teacher who has had their work recognised in this way not only reflects the high level and skill of the art teachers at Pendleton, but also on their commitment to their subject.

“Cath Stanley is an exceptional teacher whose bright ideas and initiative have inspired many art students and their work.”

If you are interested in photography or the creative arts and want to be taught by the best, why not get in touch. Call admissions on 0161 631 5000.

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