New tech bar helps equip IT students with hands on skills, and all others with refurbished and repaired kit

September 2017 sees the opening of the Salford City College Tech Bar, to help IT Hardware Technology students practice their skills on real-life technology.

Staff and students are welcome to take their laptops and other bits of tech to be repaired, refurbished and restored at the new tech bar/ repair shop located at Salford City College’s FutureSkills Centre.

The new tech shop is not only a fantastic opportunity for staff and students to get their stuff repaired free of charge, but also a way for those on the course to put their skills into action in real working-life situations.

Students from the IT course will run the repair shop, but, those who take in their laptops and PC’s in don’t need to worry about inexperience, as students will be guided and advised every step of the way by course tutor, Vincent Bullock.

Vincent can remotely help students from the classroom upstairs, whilst he teaches. Using cameras which will be watching the tech bar at all times, he can take a look and advise while they work on the hardware which has been brought in to be worked on.

This new facility has been introduced as a way to get students ready for jobs outside of College, and is the perfect enrichment to go alongside their course.

Vincent, who has worked at the College for around 14 years said, “If you want to learn French, then you should go to France. If you want to learn about IT Hardware, then you should roll up your sleeves and get stuck in, that’s what this course is all about and that’s why we have brought in the repair shop.” 

Vincent is a huge advocate of hands on learning and has fought for years for the course he now has.

“Kids don’t have a concept of what is out in the big wide world, but here they can learn. They are getting extra-curricular work experience, without having to set foot outside of College.” – Vincent Bullock

Look out for the opening of the new Salford City College Tech Bar next term!  

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