City of Salford comes together to prepare for the Apprenticeship Levy

Salford City College, in partnership with Salford City Council and the Morson Group hosted a recent event to support local business in their preparations for the imminent arrival of the Apprenticeship Levy.

Hosted at Morson HQ, Adamson House in Eccles, the event was extremely well attended by large local companies, all keen to find out how they can use their Apprenticeship Levy to support both their business skills requirements and also create more opportunities for local people.

Starting in April 2017, all organisations with a monthly PAYE return of over £25,0000, will pay 0.5% of their total monthly PAYE value into a digital Apprenticeship Levy account. This account will be theirs to spend on Apprenticeship training, both for new recruits to their organisation and any internal staff who require apprenticeship training.

Key speakers included College CEO/Principal John Spindler, CEO of Morson Group, Ged Mason and Salford City Mayor, Paul Dennett. The key message from Paul Dennet was, “If we get the Apprenticeship levy right, we can create great opportunities for young people in the future”.

A Greater Manchester overview and context was provided by Nicola Hutchins, Head of Youth Initiatives at New Economy, and Nicky Martin, Employer and Delivery Services Manager at the Skills Funding Agency. Both provided the real detailed information on exactly how the Apprenticeship Levy will work and key details were addressed such as who pays the levy, what the funds can and cannot be used for, further funding, and maximising the Apprenticeship Levy in Greater Manchester.

Nicky spoke about how important it is to convey that Apprenticeships, just like any other educational pathway, is a true academic route and can be life changing as Salford City College’s Zac Challinor has proven. (Read more on Zac here.)

Becki Ross, Head of HR at the Morson Group, used the opportunity to share with the audience the passion and belief her organisation has in apprenticeship training. In 2016 alone, the Morson Group have provided opportunities to 86 employees on their various Apprenticeship programmes, with much more to come in the future once the Apprenticeship Levy commences.

Salford City College are currently the number 1 performing Further Education College in Greater Manchester for Apprentices and are determined to ensure that local and regional business benefit from the Levy. Debbie Ward Director of Apprentices and Community at the College believes the opportunities are immense, she said, “For the first time ever, large employers will have their own funds available to invest in the Apprenticeship training they want. The funds come from their bottom line, so it makes absolute sense to reinvest it and ensure it benefits their business. By doing this, they will naturally be providing opportunities and careers for local people”.

If your business is likely to be impacted by the Apprenticehsip Levy and you would like further information, please call the apprenticeship team directly on 0161 631 5555 to speak to one of our experts.

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