14+ Provision

Salford City College works with a number of schools delivering a range a qualifications in various subjects to students aged 14+. School students get to come into the college to study their vocational qualification and many students will then continue studying at a higher level when they finish school in year 11. The courses are a great alternative for those students in school who are clear about what vocation they want to get into and as they are course work based they are assessed differently than their GCSEs. Students will also benefit from getting to know the college, the tutors and more importantly will be well placed to decide what course to do at college and will have a good base and understanding of their subject.

If you are a school and are interested in our 14+ Provision, please phone 0161 631 5000 and we will happily tell you more about the options available. If you are a school student then you can only access this provision through your school and you should speak to one of your tutors to see if your school participates in this programme. Our ‘Downloads’ brochure opposite tells you about the courses that we currently offer and what they involve. The college is also able to offer other courses subject to demand.